Advanced service based on Block Chain System development for Block Chain

System development for Block Chain

Based on Block Chain Technology, we develop and provide applications that can be used in the real world. Coexistence with the conventional technology “relational database + WEB system” is essential.

We fuse new and old technology together and provide a realistic and advanced system.

Seal management block chain

Outline : Manage the seal stamps (e.g., bank stamp) used by multiple people in the company using block chain
Technology : Ethereum


Real estate sharing block chain

Outline : Service to solve credit and convenience of borrowers and lenders by block chains.


  • Borrower:By solving the problem security will be maintained without trouble and can be used cheaply daily.
  • Lenders:By solving the problem security will be maintained without trouble and cheaply.


  • Easy to unlock and lock your contract with Face ID. The registered.
  • FaceID and usage history can not be tampered with block chain. It will help prevent crime.
  • Security and damage prevention by evaluation system

Development of AFP-Chain Platform

AFP is an abbreviation for Anti Forgery Proof, which is a block chain mechanism that nobody can tamper with once the data is written. AFP – Chain is a platform that allows you to create applications with just JavaScript in order to be able to use and utilize even you don’t have knowledge about block chain.

Original coin and Mining machine development powered by Private Block-chain

The best service for points, regional gift certificates, regional currencies and non-tampering proof enterprises.

Using our original token on Hyper Ledger eliminates the need to pay Ether for Gas on every ERC20 token Etherium transaction.


WEB application vulnerability examination

At the time of initial delivery, even at the time of delivery of additional customization, we conduct inspection by security diagnosis by “VEX” and deliver the system which passed the source code verification.

We oblige to pass this vulnerability examination.

Number of Test : About 4500

24 hours 365 days Full managed service

We are monitoring and restarting 24 hours, 365 days.

24 hours Monitoring