Custom blockchain development

Blotocol brings a team of experienced blockchain developers to every project, working with our clients and business partners to create custom solutions for entertainment, fintech and other industries. We work with some of the most popular blockchains for business including Hyperledger, Ethereum, NEO and EOS.

Dynamic enterprise solutions

Blotocol develops industry-specific solutions for enterprises all over the world. With our extensive knowledge and experience in creating large-scale, complex and efficient solutions, we enable your business to exceed industry standards.

Specific Blockchain Solutions

Blotocol is not just about blockchain development. We give consultation to companies and organizations on using blockchain to get the best business results. We also offer high-end R&D services, build Dapps, smart contracts, and all kinds of blockchain-based tools you need to empower your business.

Business Operation Outsourcing, Business Operation Outsourcing,KYC (Know your Customer ) and Customer Support, Scalable and Customizable Development of Blockchain Powered Solutions

blotocoL group

Blotocol Philippines, Inc.

Blotocol Philippines, Inc.

8/F Octagon Center Bldg. San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center,Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines 1605


Capital 100,000USD
Employees 85
Board Directors Masaaki Nawatani
Michael Samson
Lawrence Constantino
Michelle Gario
Rommel Galvez
Role System development center using Blockchain technology and outsourcing KYC/Digital back office center
Blotocol Japan, Ltd.

Blotocol Japan, Ltd.

Yazawa bld 4th floor, 3-1-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan


Capital ¥9,900,000
Board Directors Masaaki Nawatani
Naoki Kasahara
Role Asia & North America area sales / PR management / Administration management / Event management / requirement definition system / External design
Blotocol OÜ

Blotocol OÜ (Estonia branch)

Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Narva mnt 5, 10117


Capital 2,500EUR
Board Directors Masaaki Nawatani
Naoki Kasahara
Niina Nawatani
Role – Virtual currency license issued by Estonian government (FVR000523)- Legal Currency Exchange
– Consulting services of ICO, STO, ETO and more
– Registration and operation management of clients service operation company

Blotocol OÜ (Serbia branch)

Vase Pelagica 54 11000 Beograd (Stari Grad), Srbija

Role – Finance sector for virtual currency exchange business
– Escrow agent for ICO, STO.

Blotocol PTE China office

Building No:619 3F-G108 BaGua,LingGongYe-qu,Futain-qu,Shenzhen City, 518000, China


Role Sales office of software development using Blockchain technology in China

Our team

Masaaki Nawatani

Blotocol Group CEO

1967/02 Born in Fukuoka Japan
1985/04 Entered Kobe University (Japanese National)
1987/08 Established Kobe Consulting Ltd as CEO
1993/09 Graduated Kobe University (Business administration)
1997/12 Established IVP Ltd as CEO
2006/04 Merge Kobe Consulting Ltd to IVP Ltd.
2014/09 Established IVP Global Philippines Inc (Currently Blotocol Philippines Inc) as CEO
2018/04 Sold out stock of IVP Ltd to Totech-Amenity Ltd in Nagoya Japan.IVP Ltd joined Totech Amenity group as subsidiary.
2018/04 Established Blotocol OÜ in Estonia as CEO
2018/06 Assumed Advisary of IVP Ltd.
2018/06 Established Blotocol Japan Ltd as CEO
2018/09 Open Blotocol PTE China office in ShenZhen.

Mr. Nawatani started his own company during his days in Kobe University as a student. When a huge earthquake hit the city of Kobe in 1995, Masaaki decided to shift his focus on developing internet powered systems and established IVP (Internet Value Provider) Ltd, and delivered over 400 websites (mostly e-commerce systems) since 1997. In 2018, Masaaki sold his IVP Ltd. Stocks to Totech-Amenity Ltd., a company based in Nagoya, Japan. This led to IVP joining forces with Totech-Amenity Group. In April 2018, Masaaki established a start-up company, Blotocol. The main business area is system development based on blockchain technology with the goal of helping businesses develop game-changing products and technologies. Blotocol has offices in Estonia (headquarters), Manila, Philippines (Center of System Development), Tokyo, Japan (Center of Sales) and Shenzen, China (Sales Office).

Naoki Kasahara

Group Chief Operating Officer

After graduating from Sapporo University School of Business Administration in 1998, Naoki Kasahara Joined Trans Cosmos Inc, one of the greatest outsourcing companies in Japan, specializing in one-stop solutions for contact centers.
In 2006, he joined IVP corporation in Tokyo as Chief Operating Officer responsible for setting and managing over 400 eCommerce systems.
Since 2014, he has been living in Manila, Philippines with his family.
He is now Blotocol’s Chief Operating Officer in charge of Sales, Solutions Design and Legal Compliance.

Michael Samson

Vice President

Mr. Samson is responsible for the full range of operation of Blotocol Philippines, Inc. His mandate includes establishing strategic and operational priorities in his areas of responsibility.  In addition, Mr. Samson supports the President of Blotocol Group of Companies in managing its Global overall operations. He has been actively participating on research and development of E-Commerce system, cryptocurrency, and blockchain application.

Prior to joining IVP Global, Mr. Samson has worked with the leading multinational communication and printing company renowned for its services across the globe. He also served as a Managing Director of Codev Solutions Inc.

Mr. Samson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Lawrence Constantino


A certified Microsoft professional developer, Microsoft Technology Specialist, and Microsoft desktop support technician, with an experience in development, support, maintenance of web and window based application. Mr. Lawrence Constantino is now an IT Offshore Manager and one of the Directors of Blotocol Philippines, Inc.

He is handling a team of quality assurance, developers and business analyst and is responsible for assessing risk factor and developing strategies for the business.

Michelle Gario


Ms. Gario is responsible for the Web Development Operations of Blotocol Philippines Inc. She is managing web developers, quality assurance and business analyst for E-Commerce system. Before she was promoted as Offshore Manager and Director, she was a Team Leader and handled different projects for E-Commerce System in Blotocol Philippines Inc.

Prior to joining Blotocol Philippines, Ms. Gario has worked as a Systems Engineer which develops, customize, and maintain Real Property Tax Administration system for Philippine’s local government units.

Ms. Gario holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

Rommel Galvez


Mr. Rommel Galvez, is responsible for the system maintenance and security, network design and implementation, and computer operation of Blotocol Philippines Inc. He is also supporting and assisting the deployment of various projects.

Before he was promoted as Blotocol Philippines Inc’s Offshore Director, Mr. Galvez worked as a System Administrator in Smart Communication Inc.

Mr. Galvez holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

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