We are experts in blockchain, web and smartphone applications.


We help businesses operate efficiently by providing world-class system development and back-office applications.

Building applications based on Blockchain 
is our driving force.


Web System and Smartphone
Applications Development

Our main development platform is Windows C# plus .NET based web system
– React-based Web system using SPA
(Single Page Application) which uses JavaScript based on React framework.
– Database uses MySQL, Postgres and MS-SQL

Blockchain System Development

We offer development of various blockchain powered applications that serves a wide scope of support ranging from transaction management using original token, tamper proof digital and electronic contents, smart contracts and realization of traceability. We are experts in turning application service that can be used as a web application according to the actual business requirements.

RPA Solutions

In almost any product or service, management functions and administrative tasks, not seen by the end-users, may require considerable effort. Management functions and administrative tasks often requires manual labor. RPA helps automate specific tasks to get the job done.

Infrastructure Building and Maintenance​

We are experts in building and maintaining network and infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our base application.

Campaign Support​

Are you launching a campaign or event soon? Introducing CAMP Social Network Services and Reservation Magic. Two of the smartest and most efficient events management system in the industry.


EEBB (Entertainment Eco platform Based on Blockchain)

The EEBB uses the power of blockchain technology to connect various games with specific API rules where users can develop their eco-world and be able to purchase, play, replace, send and receive virtual currencies or tokens native to the EEBB ecosystem.

Reservation Magic

Reservation Magic is a reservation application and management system.


Camps is an application that manages SNS campaigns, supporting Twitter and Instagram.

3-Factor Authentication

3FA is a security tool that combines “fingerprint authentication” and “face authentication”.

Sentry is a blockchain powered, developer module that allows you to monitor and control virtual currency (assets) based on the client’s business needs.


BLOX package enables you to build your virtual currency exchange system.

A module which automates virtual assets conversion.



URL: https://bcegaming.com/ 
Operating Company: BC Entertainment Limited
Module used: EEBB, Sentry, SIGMA, 3FA, RPA

A reputable, online casino offering a variety of games with an eco-systsem system like no other. Accepting both virtual currencies and cash as payment options through the use of blockchain technology.

URL: https://blox.blotocol.com/ 
Operating Company: Blotocol OU
Module used: BLOX, Sentry, 3FA

Blotcol Exchange or (BLOX) is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading top cryptocurrencies and up and coming ERC-20 and NEP-5 tokens.


Masaaki Nawatani


Naoki Kasahara


Michael Samson

Vice President

Lawrence Constantino​

Director / IT Offshore Manager​

Michelle Gario​

Director / Web Development Operations​

Rommel Galvez

Director / Systems and Infrastracture

Jessie Lee

Client Relations Manager​


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Web System and Smartphone Applications Development

We use a unique method called MVP (Minimum Viable Product). By developing an MVP, our clients can see and test the product based simply on their general concept with not much details to worry about. It’s a good way to do a ‘reality check’ for our clients if the product is feasible. We then scrape the modifications and additions using an Agile project management approach, and let our clients ‘road-test’ the prototype before final development and completion. By visualizing and taking everything into consideration, we can reduce the time spent defining requirements and be able to move swiftly to specific improvements for each stage to achieve a realistic product launch schedule. 

Using React Native, we are able to develop multi-platform applications for any type of device or operating system. Our expertise in JavaScript framework enables us to build any type of application for iOS and Android, as well as for web browser.

Blockchain System Development

We have a solid track record of developing private, pubic and consortium chains that were used according to their specific needs. We have a dynamic system in place to offer optimal chains and provide after-sales support and training. Our years of experience in the development of E-Commerce systems, we established a particularly high level of technology for security preparedness, processing power, and timely recovery in the event of a natural disaster.

RPA Solutions

Using our RPA solutions, our engineers can navigate these obstacles by creating business-specific task automation algorithms to help solve these challenges. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our RPA solutions.

Infrastructure Building and Maintenance

AWS evolves continuously and we boost our client’s business by adapting with the changes. We understand that if you use AWS right, understand and learn all of its strengths, you can build a smart and strategic cloud-based infrastructure as compared to on-premise infrastructure. Feel free to contact us for infrastructure development, maintenance and site security.

Campaign Support

We can ensure that your events will be ran efficiently based on smart and strategic customization. In addition, we offer background support services such as data collection and system support.

EEBB (Entertainment Eco platform Based on Blockchain)

There is no limit to the number of games (old favorites and new releases) that can be connected, allowing users to buy and sell new items and be able to share it with other users, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Reservation Magic

Users can reserve limited seats for parties or events online.
Key Features:
1. Show online calendars 2. Show free spots with available date and time
3. User can choose the spot and complete reservation
4. User can register his/her personal information
5. Generate and use QR code to enter the venue 6. QR code is scanned at the event to collect visitor information using an on-site iPad and other portable devices.
7.Dynamic Management Page where information of attendees, reservation status and admission status can be confirmed.


This tool automatically manages campaign related activities such as retweeting specific posts and giving awards to accounts that help spread specific hashtagged posts. Winners can be selected either after the campaign is over, or at any time during the campaign period. It includes all necessary functions to run the campaign such as posting, collecting relevant data, drawing and contacting award winners and obtaining delivery address information using the website.

3-Factor Authentication

This module makes it easy to authenticate a person using the registered face and fingerprint data. By applying this, it is possible to implement not only access control to facilities but also management applications in which virtual assets cannot be moved unless multiple administrators approve at the same time.


Sentry can perform the following functions:
1. Monitor incoming and outgoing assets on the blockchain
2. Automated sweeping of assets and forwarding to designated wallets (hot or cold)
3. 3-Factor Authentication (3FA) ready
4. Fully customizable and can easily be modified for any type of business


BLOX package enables you to build your virtual currency exchange system by linking with major virtual currency exchanges such as Binance APIs. You can build-in the virtual currency settlement (cart) into existing EC or store service.


Sigma is a module which enables the system to automate the process of converting a certain percentage of virtual assets into stable coins such as TrueUSD. It is also equipped with a fully customizable auto-purchase function at market price, minimizing losses due to fluctuations and price volatility.